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Why do I love what I do? It's the connections and friendships I make, as I am a huge people person and photographing your connections and love for each other makes my heart swell.


Elora Mill Wedding | Erin and Alex

black and white photo of groom giving bride piggyback ride after wedding

To say I was excited for this Elora Mill wedding is an understatement! There were many factors playing into the excitement, and it all started with Erin & Alex!

When they had first reached out to me we had a quick chat. They shared that what drew them into wanting to inquire and book my services was my picture on the homepage of another wedding where the groom had a batman mask on (Alex also has a love for batman). The other was my bio page and that I believe in the afterlife and ghosts. Well, Erin just happens to be a medium and we were kindred souls from the get-go (at least I would like to think so 😊).

We then met up for their engagement session and the bond just kept getting stronger. Their love for old school music and newer music had us singing on the beach and splashing in some pretty cold water. But the laughter we all shared was even better. Let’s just say we continued that laughter straight through to their wedding day and have gained friends for a lifetime!

I will also add that the wedding dress Erin had chosen was a favourite of mine with the detachable bow on the back it was just stunning!

bride and groom walk hand in hand along Elora Mill road at evening

I asked Erin and Alex a few questions about planning their Elora Mill wedding and am so excited to share their wisdom and experience with you.

What did you love about your wedding location(s)/venue(s)?

For us, it had that old rustic feel with a modern touch! Everyone at our venue went above and beyond and we did not have to worry about a thing on the day of our wedding!

What memory from your wedding do you remember the most strongly? What part of the day had the most effect on you or your relationship?

Seeing my husband’s face as I walked down the aisle. We decided to keep it “traditional” and not see each other till we said our “I Do’s” It was pretty special to have everyone witness our “first look.”
The part that had the most effect on our day was when our venue took us to a private room where we had 15 minutes to sit down as husband and wife before the festivities took place. We got to really soak in the moment which was incredibly special for us especially because the day really does go by fast. Having that pause was magical.

Funniest moment on your wedding day? Tell me all about it!

Our MC, Robert was amazing and really added to our wedding. Rob and I grew up together basically and I had no doubt he would do an amazing job. He was the most hilarious.
But the funniest and unintentionally funny moment was our first dance. The bow on the back of my dress was detachable and I didn’t have it bustled or think about holding my train, so naturally my husband steps on my train and as the bow (my train) is about to come off, we played it off as a “reveal” moment. But Alex didn’t know what to do so he threw the bow around my neck. So for a good minute, I just had this giant bow on my neck -LOL.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Why did you choose it?

We went to Scotland and did 4 nights on the Isle of Skye! We choose it because Alex’s grandparents were from Glasgow and Alex had always wanted to see Skye. We spent some time in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and then Skye. It was special because we got to visit his grandparent’s old house that they grew up in before coming to Canada. And then being able to see the Isle of Sky and driving through the Highlands was like being on another planet. It was incredible and we highly encourage everyone to add Isle of Sky to their bucket list! If you enjoy hiking and nature you will be blown away by Skye!

What advice would you give to future couples who are getting married?

If you can, stop for a good minute at dinner and take in the room. It was important for Alex and I to find these moments and take in as much as we can because it does go by fast. Those moments are locked in my memory and I’m so glad I got to soak it all in. And if you can, find those 15 minutes to yourselves and have a drink or enjoy an app before being introduced as husband and wife.
Also, do your table rounds early enough so you can sit and enjoy your food lol!

bride getting ready before wedding

black and white photo of brides dress hanging in window
Watters bridal gown with oversized bow
bride in bathtub drinking champagne
bride popping bottle of champagne in bathtub
bride putting on sparkling strappy heels
bride drinking champagne at Elora Mill wedding
bride escorted into ceremony at Elora Mill wedding
groom wipes away tears at Elora Mill wedding ceremony
indoor ceremony at Elora Mill wedding
autumnal bud vase arrangements at Elora Mill wedding reception
smiling bride standing in crosswalk at Elora Mill wedding
Elora Mill wedding couple walking down the street
building entrance at Elora Mill wedding venue
black and white photo of wedding couple holding hands
bride and groom kiss at nighttime

Elora Mill Wedding Vendors

Venue: Elora Mill

Photographer: Heather Hugo Photography

Florals: Foraged in Flame

Hair: Courtney Teister

Dress: Watters

Suit: Indochino

Ring: Bluboho

DJ: Monaco Events

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