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Why do I love what I do? It's the connections and friendships I make, as I am a huge people person and photographing your connections and love for each other makes my heart swell.


What to wear for your Engagement Session

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Do you feel like you like you have anxiety over your upcoming engagement session? Do you feel like most of it cos you have nothing to wear or don’t know what to wear?
Well you are not alone, majority of couples have this hard decision to make because you have this vision in your head of how you think you should or want to look.
I am here to give you some insight for what you should wear and some color schemes to help ease your mind just a little bit before your upcoming session!

Ontario Engagement Photographer

1) First thing that I will tell you, is to wear something that is comfortable. If you are uncomfortable during your engagement session it is going to show in your images. You will be playing with your clothes or more focused how uncomfortable you are that you won’t be able to be in the moment and capture those amazing images of you and your love. Comfort will always win and weather it is a new a dress or a pair of jeans or even your joggers, these outfits will make you feel like a million bucks.

2) Be sure to bring a second outfit with you because we know that you love to have that beautiful flowy dress or the top you had bought just for a few pictures and we love capturing your engagement session with those cute outfits but having that second outfit of an everyday wear kind of outfit can add a little extra for you session. It allows almost like a story of the engagement session and gives you more variety in your gallery.

3) You want to make sure that you dress according to your backdrop as well. If you are deep in the woods, maybe your high heels aren’t the best options. My job is to make you stand out from the backdrop and it’s not from the outfits your wearing, it’s from your LOVE for each other.

4) Try not to wear super vibrant colours, as pretty as they are they can sometimes colour cast on to your face and make it match the colours of your clothing. Not saying you can’t wear them but it will be the vocal point of your images and take away from the two of you.

5) To help pick your colours try and stay within the neutral palettes and to add a pop of colour try and make it pastels as they aren’t as harsh on the skin. Stick to clothing that is true to you and your style and you will end up creating the best images you have ever seen of yourselves.

If you found these helpful be sure to check out Top Wedding Photography Planning Tips for your wedding day. All images were taken by moi, the first one was taken in Barrie, Ontario , the second one was taken at Cabin on the 9 in Newmarket. Last one was taken at the new Ontario Wedding Venue in Innisfil Three Feathers Terrace.

If you loved this advice and want me to capture your engagement session don’t be a stranger and reach out to chat about your vision.

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