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Why do I love what I do? It's the connections and friendships I make, as I am a huge people person and photographing your connections and love for each other makes my heart swell.


This little sweetie was a joy to photograph. Her features were just to precious, with her eyelashes, cheeks and baby rolls. She gave didn’t want to sleep for me at the start but when she did, she was the perfect little model. Enjoy her gallery.

This sweet little boy, was an absolute breeze! He was 4 weeks old and did amazing!!! He let me move him around and he just slept through it all and gave smiles and adorable baby cuteness!!

This precious gem was in my studio awhile ago for her newborn session!! She brought her big brother and big sister with her. She was just so petite and only wanted to be wrapped up nice and warm!! I can not wait to watch her grow. 

This little princess was just so precious to work with. She was awake at the beginning of the session but got her nice and sleeping for the rest! Her beautiful parents joined in to have some gorgeous memories of their first little baby. 

This handsome man, was just 5 days old!!! He was awake when he first got to the studio but we fell into a nice deep sleep and I was able to get those most adorable poses from him!!! Also his sister just loved him so much she didn’t want to let him go. 🙂 Barrie […]

I had the pleasure of photographing this beauty in my Barrie Studio!!! She is such a sweet little darling just like her mom whom I have known for quite a few years!!! 

It was such a pleasure photographing this little boy!!! His mom and I have known each other since we were in Elementary school. I was so happy to be able to meet him and watch her family grow!!!