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Why do I love what I do? It's the connections and friendships I make, as I am a huge people person and photographing your connections and love for each other makes my heart swell.


Surprise Ontario Proposal and Engagement Session

I have come to love surprise proposals and well this was felt extra special to me. Let me give you the story! 

I had reached out to Meg and Julie from @out_in.nature on instagram back in 2020 to do a fun couples session! I am a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ and didn’t have anything available to show my support and that I will gladly your shoot your weddings. 😊
We connected instantly with how free spirited and fun they were and well after that first session we had become friends. 

Fast forward almost 2 years late and Meg has reached out to me I believe in March or April as she wanted to propose to Julie. Well I could barely contain my excitement as truthfully, I had been waiting for this to happen lol. 

Meg had so much already planned in her head and knew exactly how to do it. She had reached out to Alabaster Acres, which is like a glamping experience that have goats. The reason Meg fell in love with it was due to the fact that Julie loved goats and wanted to include a goat for the proposal. Gahh I was dying while she was telling me all this. 

She had planned soo much of it out, that she even wrote out the messages for me to send to their joint account. Which started as me reaching out to them and had this vision of a shoot at this location and thought they would be perfect for it. Well, of course Julie said yes (she loves having photographs) and she had no idea. 

As time went on, I would have written up messages from Meg to send and well lets say she was so good at writing them out that Julie still had NO IDEA. 

The day comes and Meg had it all planned out that the baby goat (Willow) would walk towards them with a cute bow on and the ring attached to it. Little to Julies knowledge, Meg had been to Alabaster before to see the venue and drop everything off. 
Alabaster Acres owner Aimee & Antonia had played dumb as if they had never met Meg before. Seriously this was so well planned that every single one of us had played stupid and it all worked great. 

Well we get taken to the tent area that we would have access to (which Meg had rented out for 2 nights and was yet another surprise) to show where we would be shooting. Meg had requested that we do the proposal right away as she didn’t want to feel nervous throughout the first part of photos. 

We set them up in a beautiful string light pathway that lead to another area of surprise for her (but had to wait until she said yes) and backs to me until Willow arrived with the package. 

Let’s just say the element of surprise worked and well Julie had no idea and was sooo surprised, SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!! 

The other few surprises Meg had up her sleeve was that she rented some beautiful frames and had polaroids of their adventures and little post it notes they’ve left over the years on them. 
She also had both parents and friends waiting (for a little while) in a barn where she would have no idea, were there. Let’s just say that was another big surprise which did leave Julie a little speechless. 


Be Sure to check out; https://www.alabasteracres.com/
Or looking at doing your own proposal reach out to me; https://heatherhugophotography.ca/contact

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