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How to Choose YOUR Wedding Photographer

Ontario Wedding Photographer

Do you find it hard it overwhelming trying to figure out your vendors for your wedding?

Trust me, I was there over 11 years ago while planning my wedding and let’s just say I didn’t have these tools of Social Media at my fingers. I also didn’t have many friends that got married so no help with planning my own wedding.

So with that being said, I am going to help give you some tips in finding your Wedding Photographer, and guess what?? That might not be me and I am ok with that as if I had these helpful tips while I was planning it would have made life so much easier for me.

Tip 1 – Do Your Research on Styles you LOVE
As I said earlier, use your tools available at your fingertips. Social Media is such a great way to find businesses and well it’s even more helpful when trying to find your wedding photographer. Being wedding photographers we LOVE using Social Media to share our work (yes it has gone a lot more into videos, which kind of sucks 😕) and we definitely share more than one image of a wedding.
Now when I say do your research for style is by looking at what is drawing your eye the most to those images. You want to look at what you love about them, is it the lighting (light & airy or moody)? Is it the way the clients are posed or the fluidity of the images? Or is it just the location of the image drawing you in?
Once have found out that you like a certain aesthetic of work, then we can move on to Tip 2!

Ontario Wedding Photographer

TIP 2 – Look Up Local Photographers in your area (province)!
You have narrowed down your style of photography you like. Now it’s time to actually start to look for YOUR photographer. You can use those amazing tools of social media; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. Now you still have good old Google to use which can help narrow down more of a search within your region, or within the region of your venue.
Now don’t just pick the first one you see, go back to Tip 1 and make sure you love their style! Don’t be afraid to also have more than one photographer as an option, as there is always a possibility of having YOUR wedding date booked
. I will elaborate more in Tip 3.

Ontario Wedding Photographer

Tip 3 – Always ask to see Real Wedding Galleries!
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask your potential wedding photographer to see Real Wedding Galleries. This is a huge step to ask as what you can see from Social Media, Blogs and Galleries on sites is what I like to call their highlight reel. It is their BEST of the BEST images which we all fall in love with and is why we want to reach out to them in the first place.
What you want to ask to see is a real wedding gallery, one that showcases a wedding from start to finish. This is important because you want to make sure they can capture more than just the bride & groom portraits, they capture the memories from getting ready straight through the reception with what you would expect for your own wedding day. If they are not able to provide this, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Ontario Wedding Photography

This is a MUST HAVE for booking a wedding photographer, and let me tell you why. A contract doesn’t just protect the photographer but it also protects you! How can it protect you, you ask; well let me tell you. As photographers as you know, we rely on so much technology and well technology can cause some problems and issues and with those issues, errors can happen (as much as we do not want it too) but heaven forbid it ever did during your wedding or after and we lose those images (we do everything in our power to make sure this never happens). With that, the contract is there to protect you from being able to take steps to recover any possible mishaps. So please make sure that the photographer you have now considered to hire, has a contract!

Ontario Wedding Photographer

Last and final tip for you! Don’t wait to book your Wedding Photographer once you have finalized those first 4 steps. The last thing we hate doing is saying I am so sorry, I have booked your date (However most, not all, will give you 24 hours to decide before they allow the other couple to) because you did wait a bit to decide. SO DO NOT WAIT to say YES to your Wedding Photographer.

These are just my and most important top 5 Tips, for picking your wedding photographer. If you would love to HIRE ME just reach out and I would love to discuss your wedding day!

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