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Why do I love what I do? It's the connections and friendships I make, as I am a huge people person and photographing your connections and love for each other makes my heart swell.


Dream Destination Wedding Locations I Want to Photograph at.

As a photographer, and as most photographers we definitely have lists of Destination Wedding Locations we would love to Photograph in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my province of Ontario, Canada and all it has to offer, but sometimes I just yearn for a little more out of my photography and what I can learn from other countries.

There are so many destination/elopement weddings happening due to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. It shifted the way many couples thought and viewed their weddings. It opened endless possibilities and unique ways to go about having your wedding. Their was intimate elopements in their own homes, backyards, on the mountains, on the cliffs and just at a cottage.

With this the wedding industry changed and for the best. The couple’s actually started to do more of what they wanted and less of what others thought they should be doing. They started to get married at locations they wanted to and well that opened my eyes to wanting to get out in the world more to capture your beautiful weddings in locations, that are I dream of.

These locations are not going to be your typical beach destinations, these are locations that bring me joy and happiness when I look at them, through movies and online. So if you or anyone you know is getting married at any of these locations, please let me tag along. 😊


Italy has been a dream of mine to visit but as I was scrolling through TikTok, and well a lot of it is wedding stuff, these weddings kept showing up on my feed and I was hooked. The views you get are stunning and the venues they have available is jaw dropping.
However the biggest reason is watching a movie with my husband that actually stole my heart, Under The Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must.

Here are some Tuscan Wedding Venues that are absolutely stunning;


I am starting to notice a trend here, and that is movies have me hooked on locations. As it’s not Santorini in the movie, it is definitely Greece that captured me heart in this movie Mamma Mia. Now if you love to sing along and dance than you definitely need to watch that movie. Also who doesn’t love ABBA music, and feeling like a Dancing Queen. Now if those two pictures don’t explain why this is on my dream list of wedding locations to photograph at, then I don’t know what will convince you.
Here are some wedding venues in Santorini, Greece;



Spain Wedding
Spain WEdding

Spain wasn’t really on my list until just a couple of weeks ago, I was taking part in a photography summit and we followed around a local photographer and well, my love for this stunning location again won me over. These views and well the possibilities are endless with your wedding options and locations throughout the country.
Some beautiful wedding venues;



Ireland WEdding
Ireland Wedding

Ireland for some reason has had a hold of me, and I am not sure if it’s because I don’t know my heritage (due to being adopted) but a lot of people have said that my green eyes and dark hair and freckled skin, they believe I am Irish. That isn’t the only reason why, the countryside and historic buildings and well the STUNNING Cliffs of Moher, it’s a must for my heart to photograph a wedding here.
Some amazing Wedding Venues in Ireland;



California Wedding Venue
California Wedding Venue

California, is one I have loved since I used to watch The Hills, Lauren Conrad had me hooked. The thing with the California is you have so many beautiful options and stunning beaches. Now it’s not your typical location that you would see on a top list, but for this girl who does love the sun and the options, I will definitely photograph your wedding here.
Some Beautiful California Wedding Venues;


Please know that these images are not my own and they are found from the internet.

Now if you know anyone or you are planning to get married at any of these locations and want a third wheel to tag along, please let that be me! 😊

These are just some of my fav locations and am willing to travel anywhere in the world as I do love new experiences and capturing beautiful couples where ever you choose to get married. 😊

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